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These days we spend in the safe shelter of our homes? much more time than we are used to. Why not make a corner where you can have your morning coffee while reading the newspaper?☕️ and the tea smelled even better. Where a glass of wine will take us? and we will be even more spoilt when we read the book? swim even faster down the path of imagination.
Everything we need will be found at home or in nature. With a pinch of creativity, we’ll turn an ordinary space into a corner where we feel safe and loved – ljubEK ❤️. Innature everything is awakening, green and blooming. Let’s bring a little bit of spring and freshness into our ljubEK. When we go for a walk, pick evergreens?, Spring wildflowers? in Plant spring flowers in the garden ?, make bouquets, wreaths and greener the space.

What is your favourite? Share it with us.