Nettles don’t freeze!

Tea, soup, sauce, condiment, salad ? … Preparation for shiny hair, healing burning sensation, purifying the blood ?… Plant cover, natural fertiliser and sprayer ? … ropes … You could say they are a natural multivitamin concentrate. Today, they are an annoyance to many a careful gardener, but in reality they are a true gift from nature. Have you guessed it yet? Any other hints? ? Popeye might even swap them for his favourite spinach, as they have great magical powers and are easier to grow – they grow on their own, the soil just needs to be rich enough in nitrogen. Eating them, according to Pliny, gives you a whole year’s health ? Skilful hands will turn them into paper, and imagination will conjure up new sketches and illustrations, stories and concepts, fairy tales and inventories on home-made paper… all this and more with the help of good home-grown nettles.