Out of Frame

In cooperation with Salon Voilà Beauty, on Friday, 12. On June 6, the Beauty Gallery opened the sales exhibition “Iz okvirja / Out of Frame” by artist Maja Lesjak Gavriloska, known under the artistic name Malapala, who spiced up the event with a live painting. The musical guest was the renowned Velenje jazz musician Jure Pukl.

A painting, or a work of art, can be more than just a framed canvas on a wall, most often on display only for the owner of the work. That is why the painting exhibition OUT OF FRAME is designed to introduce the viewer to the often-overlooked utilitarian value of art, when we apply it to everyday objects and things, breathing new, fresh energy into them and looking at them and seeing them from a different perspective. Coffee from a hand-painted cup, whispers poetry and transports us into an imaginary world, while awakening a vision of the future. Old trousers become a unique work of art. The chair is gone, just a chair, suddenly it’s like a painting on the wall. A chandelier reveals a different, perhaps a new way of looking at things or at life. “Useful” art thus brightens up everyday life. A world more closely connected to art is immediately more beautiful.

A designer, painter and illustrator who tames her restless blood by pouring it into exquisite and original illustration that inhabits different media without compromise and yet keeps everything under control. This is certainly also due to her private creative and career path, which she experiences with her children with sincerity and intensity. Together with the four rootlings, he wanders from his own childhood to theirs, and brings his still unlived childhood to life in a figuration that is very childlike in its colouring and the attributes that accompany these portrait characters, while the character of the figures is often self-portrait or even very adult-looking. The emblematics present in her works reveal her confrontations and knowledge of the laws of visual communication presentation. The sign moves from image to image and we follow very interesting variations. The figuration, which is the central support of the pictorial surface, is dominant in its appearance, imbuing the fictional and picturesque figures with a dreamlike character, while at the same time appealing to us with its joie de vivre. The dynamism is further enhanced by motifs that move from the imaginary to the real world or in reverse order.

The fact that Maja is no stranger to a musical guest, who enlivened her opening with a soundscape, is testimony to the fact that their paths have crossed in the past. On the last one, they very successfully poured notes and colours. The result of this symbiosis is the remarkable album Broken Circles, which, dressed in Maja’s artistic interpretations, is delighting jazz music lovers around the world.

Just before the outbreak of the corona epidemic, when he could only have guessed that import and export lines (including trans-oceanic ones) would lock their ramps on the capes for a considerable period of time, Jure paid a visit to his hometown. The “Velenje New Yorker”, as he was called by the newspaper Delo and winner of the Prešeren Fund Prize, was thus “forced” to stay “at home”. With the eternal youth of a restless soul, he has begun to chase away isolation with what he knows best. With music. Since it was no longer possible to perform live, alone or with a band, he turned into a Swiss Army knife. He recorded the drums, keyboards, added beats and horns, and blew the sax. A super-coronating fusion of house beats and jazz was unleashed in isolation, adding an extra dimension to a wonderful cultural and artistic event.

The idea of creating a showcase projection of cultural and artistic expression in one of the most frequented locations in Velenje has been maturing in Opa!celica for some time. The successor to the Zrno photo club gallery in the former butcher’s shop, a stone’s throw from here, had to wait for a few years. The opportunity arose when Salon Voila Beauty moved into the premises of the former Peko store, with which the Opa!celica creative platform has been working successfully for several years.
Successful business practices are the result of synergies between different programmes. Voilà Beauty is aware of this. In the form of a showcase called the Gallery of Beauty, it builds on the vision of its own brand through the lens of culture and related arts. The character of the street exhibition space is dedicated to artistic interpretations on the various forms of beauty (woman, man, nature, etc.), which Voila Beauty also covers with its services. With this approach, the Beauty Gallery creates the image of an innovative urban element that complements the pulse of the city centre through cultural expression.