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Adventure energy playground “Rudarska vas”

The playground is located on the lawn next to Villa Rožle in the Sunny Park in Velenje and was created as part of the pilot investment of the “CUL-Energy 4 Kids” project implemented by the Municipality of Velenje (Ms Špela Šeliga). The playground is located on the site of a former children’s playground and is part of Slovenia’s garden and architectural heritage. The playground aims to teach children about renewable and non-renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and energy saving through play.

The playground also reminds children and young people of the importance of the local energy source – Šaleška lignite, which is why the play area is themed around mining in the Šaleška Valley and named “Rudarska vas”. The toys are designed so that their users use movement – their own kinetic energy – to produce light or to set a part of the toy in motion: descending a cable car sets the spirals spinning, walking through a tunnel switches on a light, loading lignite onto trolleys glows the lights on energy-optimised boards. An additional source of energy on the pitch is sunlight, which is converted into electricity by photovoltaic panels. Children developed ideas for energy-optimised games under expert guidance in international workshops.

The concept of the playground was then prepared by landscape architect Kaja Flis in cooperation with Tina Pozinek Koštomaj, the energy renovations were carried out by the Šolski centre Velenje, and the playground equipment was manufactured by the company Igrala in oprema Pozinek. The playground is designed for different age groups – from children who can “bibajo” on the wooden tracks, to older children who can go down the cable car or climb up the “rod”. The educational boards are suitable for the youngest children thanks to their illustrations. Unfortunately, the playground has been damaged due to inadequate maintenance. The connection between the solar panel and the playgrounds is broken, so the lights on the educational boards do not work and the tunnel is no longer illuminated.