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Book “62,469 words about the Šaleška valley, the long way round and the short way round”

The book debut of our team member Bojan Pavšek 62,469 words about the Šaleška valley the long way round and the short way round /100 columns from the period 2009 2019, column Peta kolona / Alternator (Naš čas weekly), accompanied by an exhibition of 100 prints for the STO columns.

The publication is a reflection on ten years of developments in the Šaleška valley, which, in addition to a constructively critical view, also includes a yearning for progress and a better quality of life together. Each column is accompanied by an associated graphic, which, through visual interpretations of the stories, presents my narrative in my role as graphic designer.

The book was awarded the Best Self-Published Book of 2019 in the Compilations category.

The results of the competition and the jury’s reasoning can be found HERE.

Thank you to all those who helped make the book a success:
Nataša Ževart Pavšek (proofreading),
Ksenija Mikor (photo),
Tina Felicijan (conducting a book launch),
Matjaž Šalej (introductory text),
Boris Žakošek (introductory text),
Brina Jerič (coordinating the launch of the book),
tednik Naš čas (column publications),
Mestna knjižnica Velenje (book presentation),
Megaprint (exhibition boards).

The project is co-financed by the Municipality of Velenje.


To order the book, please send an email to [email protected] or call 041 521 880.

Book price: 25 €