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Children’s playground at the Mlinček kindergarten in Vinska Gora

The playground was built next to the new kindergarten “Mlinček” in Vinska Gora near Velenje. Its layout is inspired by the name of the kindergarten and symbolises the path of water: spring (drinking fountain), stream(s), waterfall (water slide), pool (sandpit). There are two mills by the water (a floor game and a toy shed), a bridge and a miller (a figure for photography).

The floor surface also includes metal play equipment (a climbing frame, a swing and a telephone). The relief is surmounted by a hill on which there is a slide. Behind it is a mill with a miller, a small stream with a bridge, water and a small garden. The playground is greened with grassy areas and deciduous trees, which will eventually shade the playground and enliven it with their development throughout the seasons.

The playground was designed by the project team of S7 inženiring d.o.o., Architectural and Construction Design.