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City of Bricks, Tree of Life, Walking in the Countryside, The Barefoot Path, The Path of Pets

Outdoor workshops at the Pika Nogavička Festival

For several years in a row, we have organised an outdoor workshop for children on the green areas of the Pika Nogavička Festival. Together with the festival participants, we built a city out of bricks, walked barefoot along a (sensory) path to learn about different types of soil and rocks, searched for traces of different native animals and their homes, and searched for nature’s bounty on the huge floor installation of the Tree of Life, We explored the countryside (forest, pasture, pond, stream, orchard, field and resting in the village countryside), learning about the typical inhabitants of these habitats, and played and educated in the Garden of Spades. The workshops encouraged children to create and exercise in nature and intergenerational cooperation.

The workshops were developed and implemented in cooperation with the Velenje Festival, the Velenje Intermunicipal Association of Friends of Youth, Sadika Gardening, Samo Mljač, s.p., Perennial Gardening Golob – Klančič, Perennial Gardening Strgar d.o.o., photographer Katja Ferlin, and the Flis and Grobelnik families.