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Design and implementation of brand identity for Farmhouse Jerše

Design and implementation of elements of the brand identity for Farm Jerše.

The farm is located in Radegunda, at the foot of the Golte foothills, below the Mozirje Mountains. They are dairy farmers, producing hay milk which is processed into various dairy products.

The products are made from hay milk. Hay milk is milk from cows fed only hay and dry fodder (winter), fresh green grass with herbs (summer), without silage and other fermented food additives. This is considered the oldest form of milk production for human consumption.

The client’s wish and needswere that the atmosphere of the graphic image should best reflect their attitude towards the work and the manufacturing of the products.

They are different from competing farms:

  • by type of agricultural production, which is extensive,
  • they are included in the private standard of the ‘hay milk’ certificate
  • their cows have a classic look – they all have horns, which is a rarity these days,
  • the dairy products are of very high quality (every year they receive a gold award at the national Goods of Slovenian Farms competition for various products),
  • dairy production is smaller in quantity, boutique-oriented and focused on quality products,
  • after collecting glass packaging waste: a container for glass packaging waste (bottles, jars) is placed near the vending machine where products are offered.

Farm Jerše, for you from the mountains of Mozirje.