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Exhibition “Coloured Memories”

The first steps in the creation and development of modern Velenje are nowadays revealed through archival photographs, which have revealed many of its interesting features at that time. Most of the photographs dating from this period were taken in black and white. However, modern times, accompanied by the remarkable progress of digital technologies, allow us, with the help of various computer programmes, to peel back the veil of black-and-white photography and enter the world of colour that lies behind it. The exhibition “Coloured Memories” by architect and designer Bojan Pavšek, which was held in the atrium of Velenje Castle, presented a selection of freshly coloured photographs from the archives of the Velenje Museum, which in different ways captured moments in the birth of the new Velenje.


Photos: archive of the Velenje Museum / Music by Stane Špegel – adaptation of the Velenje anthem “To the Builders of Velenje” (author of the original text and music: Janez Marin Sr.)