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Garden project “Young at heart with the young at heart in the eco-garden” and “Green Fairy on a hike in Velenje”

Under the auspices of the Velenje Inter-Municipal Association of Friends of Youth, several years of gardening activities took place in Velenje (2013 – 2016). Intergenerational workshops with various guest experts took place in front of Villa Mojco, on the lawn next to the MC Velenje building, on the terrace of the Velenje Adult Care Home, at the Grill Homestead and in Villa Rožle.

Several urban gardens have been created. They have in common high beds, the use of recycled materials and organic seedlings, mobility and a public character. Through intergenerational gardening workshops, we wanted to educate as many people as possible about the importance of growing their own organic food and teach them how to garden healthily on a budget. Spinning workshops were also held at the Pippi Festival.