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Map of Škale and Hrastovec for young and old

Do you ever lie down on the grass and watch the clouds? Splashing around in puddles? Close your eyes and listen to the song of the forest? Do you blow into a trumpet flower or a dandelion stem?

These are little bits of happiness that don’t take money or a lot of time. And they brighten up the day. There are also some hints for catching them on the Škale and Hrastovec map for small and big ones. Even if we follow the same paths many times, we can still be enchanted by the scenery of nature, which changes from day to day, and by the small details that, if you are not paying attention, you might overlook in passing. Whether it’s a new spider’s web sprinkled with dewdrops, a tree changing its shape through the seasons, the play of the clouds, the dawn in the morning and the evening, the reflection in the lake, the wheat filling the ears, the beauty of the meadow flowers, the smell of the rain… The map covers the whole community and is aimed at very young children, who can read it through the illustrations, as well as at the elderly. At the Škale branch school, it has become a learning tool for getting to know the surroundings. The front side is a map with different coloured dots representing nature, history and cultural heritage, amenities and lucky pieces. Descriptions of these points are on the back of the map. Parallel to the map, two characters have been created to take you around with a culica on their shoulders, the little girl Fana and the wolf Jurij.