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New look for the Perk Tourist Farm in the Logar Valley

The existing website was in need of an overhaul, so the opa!cell team and I came to a beautiful location farm Perk, high above Logarska valley. After the initial capture of the specification for the new site, an interview with the owners was carried out to obtain the content for the design of the new texts. During the visit, we also captured a lot of photographic material, which is the basis for a good presentation. We were also treated to authentic Slovenian high mountain delicacies.

The creative design was followed by the architecture of the site, the writing of the text and the selection and editing of the photographs.

The programming team has combined the captured material into a homogeneous whole and the result is the redesigned website, which is already receiving twice as many visitors as last year.? Opa! Since more than 40 percent of users browse the web on their mobile phones, we have adapted it to mobile devices. Have you scrolled through it yet?