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Online presentation of the Rinka – Logarska Solčavsko Centre

Development project of the Rinka Centre in Solčava to promote soft mobility.

By supporting soft mobility for tourists and permanent residents, protected areas can also contribute to limiting and regulating energy consumption and thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The site is designed as an information hub for the promotion of tourism, both for accommodation providers and guesthouses, as well as for the promotion of green tourism in the region. It brings together tourism providers, the tourism organisation, the municipal offer and the green projects taking place in the Solčava region.

HARMONY > The Solčava region is a harmony of three valleys and at the same time a harmony of exceptional nature and carefully thought-out tourism. SELF-CARE > The Solčav region is characterised by high-mountain subsistence farms, which reflect the greatness and generosity of the Solčav people. IDENTITY > The local people have also preserved their identity in their stories and fairy tales, which have become legends in dances, songs and music.