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Outdoor galleries in the Šaleška Valley

Open-air galleries are among the open public spaces that provide exhibition and cultural facilities in the city centres of Velenje and Šoštanj. Their locations are on streets or underpasses in city centres or along important communication arteries linking city centres to their hinterland. The content for most of the Outdoor Galleries is produced by the Velenje Museum. For architecture or. the design of the Outdoor Galleries was done by architect Gregor Gojevič (in the Municipality of Velenje) and (in the Municipality of Šoštanj)

In cooperation with the Municipality of Velenje and the Velenje Museum, we have created exhibitions with different themes for the Outdoor Galleries. From the Velenje Olympians, the presentation of museum programmes and contents, the streets and roads of Velenje, to the honorary citizens and mayors of Velenje.

Particular attention has been paid to the design and placement of the exhibition content at these urban flow hubs, as the purpose of the display focuses primarily on the comprehensible and interesting pre-sorting of content, which only appeals when thoughtfully designed with the same artistic connotations.

Co-authors of the projects: the Municipality of Velenje, the Velenje Museum