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Poster series “Museums and Equality: diversity and inclusivity”

The project was carried out under the auspices of the Velenje Museum, which decided to respond to the invitation of ICOM – International Council of Museums Slovenia, to the virtual celebration of the International Museum Day, which is dedicated to the theme “Museums and Equality: Diversity and Inclusivity”. with a series of posters presenting the Velenje Museum as a museum friendly to people with disabilities.

You can also find the Velenje Museum’s posters in the digital catalogue “International Museum Day 2020” (p. 38), where you can find all the posters produced by various Slovenian museums and galleries for this occasion. Click to view the catalogue HERE!

Accompanying note by the Velenje Museum


Our museum is for everyone, our heritage is from everyone. Because heritage is what we feel!

The Velenje Museum operates in three municipalities (Velenje, Šoštanj, Šmartno ob Paki), in which it has ten units and as many other permanent exhibition venues. The most famous location of the Velenje Museum is Velenje Castle, one of the most beautiful and best preserved castle buildings in Slovenia. The heritage preserved in its collections and presented to the public by the Velenje Museum through permanent and temporary exhibitions and various other activities and projects is very diverse and of interest to a wide range of people. The Velenje Museum strives to make museum content as equally accessible as possible to everyone. As the spaces at its disposal are usually very challenging in terms of overcoming architectural barriers (with the exception of the Slovenian Leather Museum in Šoštanj, which is fully accessible to the physically handicapped), it pays particular attention to overcoming certain other constraints. For example, Velenje Castle offers blind and partially-sighted visitors a tactile guide to the permanent exhibitions, as well as objects for touching, which are an integral part of all the permanent exhibitions, and explanatory signs in Braille also greet visitors in the recently renovated castle park. The Velenje Museum says: “Heritage is the past we feel!”