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Production of a promotional video for the Opa!cell platform

The video showreel is a powerful visual aid for presenting the Opa!celica coworking platform. As such, it is in itself an innovative approach to promotion, which is nowadays gaining a lot of prominence in the digital media. It enables high search engine rankings (as video content is strongly preferred by the web giants) and thus a wide reach and fast visual perception.

In addition to the technical, there is an innovative visual-content way of promotion that expresses the Opa!celica coworking platform’s own cut-out approach… effective message design, attractive photography with modern framing and the use of appropriate visual effects. It’s also a blend of local knowledge, which we are particularly pleased about.


The video presentation is designed to reach out to new and existing clients in our areas of activity, as well as in areas that present challenges for collaboration. It is also used as a promotional and marketing tool in presentations and introductory/information sessions.


The impact of the presentation is reflected in the establishment of lasting collaborations with clients who have a need for a higher quality of service and innovative approaches to the solutions to which the video presentation appeals. At the same time, it clearly communicates collaboration, co-creation between the clients and the company and the associated co-creators, as an example of a sustainable and economical way of working.


Conceptual design, storyboard by Opa!celica
Video: Aljoša Videtič
Original music: Stane Špegel – Monom