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Reflection of the Interior exhibition

Voila Beauty has decided to invite various local artists to showcase their work. exhibit their art projects in the shop windows of Voila Beauty. This is the principle of the contemporary urban-oriented art gallery, which combines the artistic expression of the individual artist with the services/products offered by Voila Beauty. In this way, the shopfront-gallery becomes an active architectural element that complements the pulse of the city centre. At the same time, the presentation of programmes through cultural expression complements the principle of urban marketing and is an example of successful and innovative practice.

The exhibition “Reflection of the Interior” takes you into the world of the salon’s interior through a window. It reflects the interior, expressing in a unique way the design continuity of the interior. It tells the story of how small details, both in a room and on a woman’s body, can make the final image even more attractive, interesting and beautiful.