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Scenographies for the event “Sportsman of the Year in Velenje Municipality”

Since 2009, we have been openly accepting the annual challenge of designing the set design for the Sportsman of the Year event in the Municipality of Velenje. In addition to the scenography, the project also includes the design of an occasional overall graphic image, which is different every year because it implements the primary visual elements into the main theme. the main theme of each event. These may touch on doping, unusual sports, or perhaps the physics of measuring record-breaking sporting achievements. Every year, with the same purpose, yet visually a completely different event. Visitors to the event also receive a bulletin, which is also one of the promotional applications of the occasional integrated graphic design.

“Designing temporary spaces that transport us to another world with their story is a multi-faceted ambient challenge. The set becomes a fusion of stage, scenery, equipment, light, sound, accompanied by the dynamics of the performers.”

Co-authors of the project: Stane Špegel (multimedia), Dejan Tamše (moderation), Bogdan Plaznik and Katka Geršak – Sports Federation Velenje (preparation and organisation of the event), PUP Velenje and Simon Ogrizek (floral arrangements), Gorenje IPC (printing of the publications), Megaprint and TVK (production of the graphic equipment for the stage design).