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Scenography of the Velenje Municipal Day celebrations

Design of the occasional graphic image and set design for the Velenje Municipality’s jubilee celebration on the occasion of the municipal holiday.

The selection and compositional structure of the visual elements are based on a poster designed for the opening of the city centre in 1959.

The set design reflected the thoughts that accompanied the invitation to attend the event:

“On 20 September it was 60 years since the opening of the new city centre, so this year’s municipal holiday to mark the day was really special. And our city is certainly special. A city with a heart. A city where we know how to listen. A city where we love to help each other. A city with a heart and people with a heart.”


Co-authors of the project: Stane Špegel (multimedia), Dance Studio N (dance points), PUP – gardening and floriculture (flower arrangement), Festival Velenje (lighting and sound system)