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We feel ideas, we develop them into stories, we create images to inspire.
We are guided by a real, open and honest view of the world, with which we can easily perceive the needs of the environment and target groups. (FEEL) , which we convert in a unique and fresh way (DEVELOP) into aesthetic and useful solutions tailored to the client (DESIGN) and ennoble them by listening to the essential (INSPIRE) . Kakopak!

The building blocks of our work in the field of visual communication are a wide range of skills, thoughtful creative processes and productive relationships between all stakeholders. Mutual satisfaction is reflected in many years of successful implementation. We work on a design, build and maintain basis.

brand identity

Original graphic solutions, unique illustrations, carefully selected typography and photography, well-thought-out colour palettes and other components of an effective corporate identity are the challenges we overcome so that your brand can express its true identity.

publications / printed matter

Identity is developed into a story. We enhance the story with tangible images. The end result? A lasting and indelible mark on the world of instant solutions. A reliable advantage for your company, product, service or project.

exhibitions / fairs

Multilayered content design in space. Their design is always based on a synergistic blend of different disciplines and approaches.

web development / applications

The real world is increasingly intertwined with the digital world – if you’re not in the latter, you’ll be invisible in the former. We help you become visible with state-of-the-art web tools and mobile apps.

set design

Designing temporary spaces that, together with their story, create another world for us is a multi-faceted ambient challenge. The set becomes a fusion of stage, scenery, equipment, light, sound, accompanied by the dynamics of the performers.

architecture / interior

Creating unique commercial, exhibition, gallery and other spaces is an adventure that can support a distinctive culture of living and create a sense of well-being by combining the energies of users and designers.

landscape architecture / environment

Observing and understanding nature, internalising the way it works and being in tune with it are key starting points for successful implementation of content in the environment. Thus, by developing the image of articulated landscapes, we create the conditions for all natural elements to coexist.

packaging / products

Our design process is inspired by the pleasure of the user experience, which is shaped by the functionality, attractiveness and uniqueness of the product.

photo / video

Capturing a moment in time can be a great starting point for designing a visual and emotional promotion. High-quality photography and video are becoming an important attribute in the visual identity of all brands.

culture / art

Cultural and artistic projects are driven by curiosity, inner impulses, the urge to explore and the need to express oneself. We are committed to innovative cooperation and networking between local authors from different cultural and artistic fields.

development / vision

With our development methodology, we can take a snapshot of the situation, develop an idea, lay a solid foundation and chart the course of your digital future, regardless of your industry.